“Sounds like a lot more fun than the furniture in most glossy magazines …”

“Sounds like a lot more fun than the furniture in most glossy magazines …”  

That’s according to the Eco Warriors, Tracey Hordern & the Team at Eco Citizen Australia when they saw our collection of Recycled furniture here @ GHIFY!  Passionate about all things ECO, this brilliant team scour the world looking for all the ways & means of supporting the masses here in Australia who want to put into effect sustainable living in their lives.  And that’s how they stumbled on our lil’ store and featured it in this article http://www.ecocitizenaustralia.com.au/ghify-recycled-wooden-furniture/


Yes, Eco Citizen Australia is right, we unashamedly have A LOT OF FUN designing and building our range of Recycled furniture here in our workshop at Hemmant, Brisbane.  Just metres away from the Brisbane River, surrounded by the Industrial giants in steel works, container yards, and even an ice factory, our team is happiest scratching away with our pencils and sawing away amongst the fragrant wood chips to come up with things we want in our homes.  Yup.  It’s really as simple as that.  If we can build anything we want, what sort of furniture do we want in our own homes?  And sorry, shiny, glossy furniture that people can’t sit on and kids can’t touch just wasn’t on our Wish List.

And that marked the beginning of our “Once Upon A Queenslander” collection.  Inspired by this beautiful Australian icon, the Queenslander Home, we have so many happy memories of growing up surrounded by the warm timber floors, VJ walls and staring up at the ceiling battens on hot summer nights.  For those of us who still remember it or are still lucky to be living in these beloved homesteads, you’ll know what we’re talking about.  A rummage around a scrapyard one day found us staring at piles and piles of beautiful worn floorboards, ceiling beams and battens, still with some of their original paintwork, and the holes left by the nails embedded in them through the years.  Some of the timber told of fires and the harsh Queensland sun beating down on them as they sheltered the families within.  We just couldn’t walk away.  Salvaging as much of these old torn down Queenslander homes, we got back to the workshop and got really busy resurrecting these discarded timber into something we love – Furniture!

The result is a range of fun, beautiful and functional furniture that has been given a new lease of life in the form of dressing tables, chairs, sideboards, entertainment units, hall tables and more!  Retaining as much of the original timber as possible with only a few splashes of colour, not only does this range need no maintenance, being solid timber, it will last for generations to come.  A good thing because who would want to throw these babies out??

Best part about it, we can build other pieces to go with this range to suit your decor, or make them in any colour you like… Afterall, we are Furniture Makers, the Heart & Craft of it all 🙂

To see more of this extensive collection, visit http://ghify.com/collections/once-upon-a-queenslander


Written by Magdalene Marx, Co-Founder of GHIFY. Read more about GHIFY & , on Google+

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