How it all started for us…

You know that pair of jeans you love?  They’ve been with you for years and you wear them every chance you get.  You’ve moved homes, changed jobs, upgraded your cars …but those jeans remained a permanent fixture in your life.  Admit it, you love them.  You ADORE them.  We know because we have a pair of jeans that brightens up our day the minute we ease into it and they are Fantastic.  

But how often do we say that about the furniture in our homes?  

Alternatively, I can pick-up some real bargain mass-produced furniture import.  But, do I really want just any run of the mill cookie-cutter chair that everybody else already has?

And this was where the first Ghify seedlings were born…  Gorgeous, Fun, Unique, Interesting & Beautiful Furniture that we Adore for our Home.   Imagine, a Cheerful hall table to greet you when you come home?  A Beautiful desk to put your coffee cup on while you Skype family & Friends.  A Funky dining suite to gather your favourite people for a feast.  A Gorgeous armchair to sink into & doze the afternoon away….  All this AND, still afford to go away for a vacation!

Guess, what?  It’s not a crazy concept.  It is …


Written by Magdalene Marx, Co-Founder of GHIFY. Read more about GHIFY & , on Google+

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